Photo from left to Right  Landon, Annelyse, Julianna, Lincoln, Pat and Janna

Pastor Pat

Pastor Pat's began his ministry in 1985 as an evangelist in a musical group were he would sing and preach the gospel to youth.  He also served as a counselor and camp pastor for many years.  In the early 90's God moved Pat into a new direction and he went to serve as a youth Pastor and Antioch First Baptist Church just outside of Nashville TN.  Pat would serve as a youth Pastor for over 20 years before God would once again ask him to step out in faith as serve in the roll of Sr. Pastor.   He loves to preach The Word and has a deep concern for the salvation of the lost.  He meet Janna in the summer of 1993 and they were married in the summer of 1994.  Janna and Pat know that God has called them to do ministry together.  They both have the spiritual gift of hospitality so they love having people in their home for meals.  One of their favorite traditions is their Christmas Open House.  This is were they invite the church family, neighbors, and friends to come to their home and celebrate the Gift of salvation through Jesus.  

Photo from left to Right

Landon, Annelyse, Julianna, Lincoln, Pat and Janna

Preaching Teaching and Hospitalty

Pastor Pat loves to preach and teach the word of God.  On most Sunday mornings you will find him preaching through a book of the Bible.  He is currently preaching though the book of Acts.  He also teaches an online Bible Study on Wednesday night and an ESL class on Tuesday mornings.

Both Pat and Janna have the gift of Hospitality and love getting to know the congregation and their neighbors by having them in their home for a meal.